Sep 16, 2009



Doohickie said...

Do you suppose this would bring anyone to God?

I don't.

ChipSeal said...

Of coarse not.

But this is a well done commentary on a real event in Jesus's walk.

If Jesus was open to a relationship with this woman in his day, is there not hope for anyone who thinks they have sinned too far for redemption? Perhaps someone who has had an abortion?

Did Jesus claim to be a savior? If so, what does that make him? A snake oil salesman who is no more a savior than you or me? A delusional man? Or was really who he claimed to be? This is the continental divide about Jesus. It is either one or the other- someone we can safely dismiss, or the only really important issue of your life.

In and of itself, no. But what Jesus said and did with the woman at the well, was profound and ought not be cavalierly dismissed.

John 4:1-42