Nov 25, 2011

More truth than he knew (and feared).

"In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move."

- Douglas Adams 

There's something happening here...

Prayer For Now
Malcolm Boyd
Charlie Byrd, guitar


A real find earlier this week. This guy was a big influence on me in the 1960s. Adman turned beatnik priest. I didn't know this LP existed. I was being encouraged at the time to consider "The Cloth". I became an adman instead.

It has an interesting sticker on the front cover: "DEPOSITION EXHIBIT 63". Hmmmm.

Free doom.

Source: Frugal dad

Nov 22, 2011

I was there. In this crowd.

On this day in 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. After breakfast in Fort Worth he flew to Dallas and, with his wife and Governor and Mrs. John Connally, began a motorcade trip in an open car toward downtown Dallas. As the car passed through Dealy Plaza several shots rang out. Both Kennedy and Connally were hit. Kennedy died at 1:00 PM in Parkland Hospital. Vice President Lyndon Johnson was sworn in as president of the United States at 2:38 PM.

Nov 15, 2011

What Truly Counts

Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. 2 Corinthians 4:16

We should rejoice whenever someone gets well, especially after we have prayed for him. But our joy should not be because the person got well. There are many who must suffer sickness until the end of their lives, so why not this one? Rather, we should rejoice because we see that the Savior has done something for a particular person, that this person’s heart has changed and is awakened with new longing.

I want to say to all who suffer: Yes, pray that the Savior takes things in hand – he wants you to have hope – but do not regard getting well as being so important. The Savior himself was sick. He said, “I was sick and you visited me.” Have you ever thought about that? Have you ever thought that there must be sick people so the Savior can dwell in them?

I often feel weak, miserable, and ill – all I can do is drag myself around. Outwardly I feel like I am wasting away. Nevertheless I am kept going. Time and again I am given fresh manifestations of God’s kindliness, deeds of God that renew me inwardly and enable me to carry on. The main thing is that Jesus is present in our sickness. And so, dear friends, see to it that Jesus is free to work in you. Your longing should be that Jesus works something in you, and even more importantly, that through you he reaches others.

Whenever we are attacked by sickness, our first prayer should not be, “Lord, heal me, I want to be healed!” but, “Lord Jesus, bring about whatever is according to your will. I will accept quietly in faith whatever you decide, just as it comes.” Pray, lest evil should have the say, lest darkness hold sway. In all the pain and suffering that may befall you, even in the midst of death and the distress it brings, seek the Lord and the desires of his heart. This must be your deepest, most pressing request.

If you take this stand, you will experience something of the kingdom of God. You will know as you have never known before where your help comes from. You will grow so strong that you will be able to overcome every obstacle. Walls of Jericho will fall and mountains will be moved. No earthly power will impress you anymore, be it good or evil. The only thing that will fill your heart is what comes from above.

Christoph Friedrich Blumhardt

Nov 9, 2011

Binary thought in a Trinitarian reality.

Some Liberals and Conservatives* got together to test him, and they asked him to show them his spiritual credentials. He replied, "At dusk you say, ‘The sky is red; it’ll be fair,’ and at dawn you say, ‘The sky is red and darkening; it’ll rain today.’ You are able to read the clouds but not the signs of the times. A mean and faithless generation asks a sign from me, and the only sign it will get is that of Jonah." So he turned his back on them and left.

When the students went across with him, they forgot to take bread. Jesus said to them, "Now let me warn you to stay away from the yeast of the Liberals and Conservatives." They tried to figure that one out themselves, and decided he had said it because they had no bread. When Jesus found out about it, he said, "Why was it, baby-faiths, that you were hashing over the fact that you have no bread? Haven’t you caught on yet? Don’t you remember the five boxes of crackers of the five thousand and how many basketsful of leftovers you had? Or the seven loaves of the four thousand, and how many basketsful you had left over? Well, why can’t you get it through your heads that I wasn’t speaking to you about bread? Rather, I told you to stay away from the yeast of the Liberals and Conservatives." Then it soaked in that he had not warned of the bread yeast, but of the teachings of the Liberals and Conservatives.

* Originally "Protestants and Catholics".

- Source: Matt's 16, from one to twelve.

Nov 3, 2011

Naturalistic Evolution defined

Naturalistic Evolution (def.): the marvelous (presumed) capacity of nature to create the appearance of design, and to produce beings who have the ability to design and to detect design; but which itself has no ability to design, or if it does have that ability, it is forever undetectable.

- Thomas A. Gilson