Apr 18, 2007

"I looked down."

"I looked down."

Those were the words of the driver of a pick-up truck that ran a red-light Saturday morning, striking the car my wife's brother was a passenger in. The seat belts in his Toyota Camry failed to tension immediately (my opinion), resulting in his body travelling a few inches after the violent impact before being restrained by the belts. Had he not been wearing his seat belt, he would be dead. Instead, he has twelve broken ribs, two collapsed lungs, small fractures of his vertebrae, internal bleeding along his hip (although his hip and pelvis are not broken).

He is in the ICU at the best trauma hospital in Texas. His full recovery will be slow, but barring complications, will be full.

His wife suffered a concussion and was knocked unconscious. She was driving, and the airbag in her steering wheel did a better job of keeping her in place.

The driver of the other vehicle was/is full of remorse and accepts responsibility for running the red light. But his/her statement to the police haunts me.

"I looked down."

UPDATE: 4/30/2007
My brother-in-law is improving, but 17 days later, he remains in ICU. Do you pray? Pray for Marcus' healing in body, mind, and spirit.

Relapse yesterday. Day twenty in ICU

Day twenty-eight. Some improvement this week after they performed a tracheotomy to help him breathe. Still in ICU.

My brother-in-law was transferred from ICU to a criticalcare hospital last Friday. Saturday night, he had breathing difficulties and a high fever and was transferred to ICU again. At 3:30 Sunday morning, he stopped breathing and his heart stopped. He was resesucated, but by 8 AM, the doctors were saying his chances were poor. By 10 AM, his chances had improved to over 50% (said the doctors). As of yesterday, his improval has been dramatic, but the roller coaster ride continues.

Ventilator removed. He's back to breathing on his own. Prayers! More prayers!

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