Jul 26, 2005

Giving Grace lip-service, and thereby betraying Jesus with a kiss.

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PM Summer said...

We are saved by Grace. God's Grace. Grace alone. Nothing we do, or have done, or will do can earn our salvation. The only thing we can do, the only thing we are asked to do, is to surrender, without condition, to God.

Unconditional surrender to Unconditional Love. Anything less than unconditional surrender is a deceit, an attempt (at best) to strike a bargain with God, to declare a truce between God and ourselves in order to buy ourselves some time. But God cannot be deceived.

So when we talk about Grace while focusing on The Law, when we apply God's Grace to ourselves while we apply his Law to others, we become like the Pharisee in the Temple from Luke 18:9-14. "Thank you, God, that I am not like that Tax Collector. I'm good."

In posting this, I become dangerously similar to that Pharisee. My constant focus must be like that of the Tax Collector. Eyes down, I can only say, "God, be merciful to me, a sinner."