Mar 18, 2005

The Trickleship Down Society

With great anticipation, I volunteered to work as a counselor at Dr. Billy Graham's Metroplex Mission rally in Dallas in 2002.

The first night, with 75,000 people in attendance (most of them young people), I heard and saw an event that broke my heart.

Dr. Graham had his good friend former President George H.W. Bush on stage to give his personal witness. Mr. Bush never once mentioned Jesus. He mentioned speed boats, and power, and praying with Dr. Graham before invading Iraq (the first time)... but he never mentioned Jesus. Not once. No witness, just chuminess. That was bad, but it wasn't the worst.

Dr. Graham preached on the story of the Wealthy Young Man who wanted salvation. As you know, Jesus told him to give away all he had, and to follow Him.

Then Dr. Graham said something that I couldn't believe. He said (paraphrase), "The Rich Young Man turned away, saddened, because he couldn't part with his riches. Now, those were probably ILL-GOTTEN riches, and that was why he couldn’t part with them."

My wife turned to me and asked, "Did Graham just say the young man couldn't part with his riches because they were ill-gotten?" I told her I wasn't sure.

But TWICE more in his address to these thousands of young people, Dr. Graham stated that the reason the Young Man couldn't part with his wealth was because they were "ill-gotten".

I was, and am, stunned. That's not in the Text anywhere, nor is it even hinted at. The all too clear meaning is that "the love of money is the root of all evil", not the love of illegal proceeds, and not just money, but the "love" of money. But I fear that Dr. Graham, by associating himself almost exclusively in the last few years with those who would rather rain down fire than see mercy reign, with those who's primary concern in all things is that their taxes be reduced, has been seduced into worshipping the god Mammon, and serves in his court as yet another Pharisee.

I pray that Dr. Graham and BGEA will repent of this error, stand back from the trappings of wealth and power in this country, and turn back to the Cross of Christ. May God open the eyes of His faithful servant, and restore him.

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