Mar 26, 2005

Holy Saturday: Jesus' Descent into Hell.

"One of the most veiled events surrounding the triumph of Christ is His Descent into Hell. The tantalizing Scriptural references leave us to ponder its theological significance. One aspect of the Descent is that the victorious Savior went to Hell, as if to stand behind enemy lines, proclaiming the defeat of the devil.

More sobering is that Jesus’ Descent somehow seals the fate of the damned. Their agony is forever multiplied by the clear knowledge that they could have been saved by the same hand of justice that must also condemn."

Another explanaton, one put forward by the Orthodox Churches, is that Jesus went into Hell to proclaim the Good News to all who have died. To ALL who have died.

A personal reflection of my own is just to remember how Jesus came to me with the Good News while I was trapped in a hell of my own making, and how he set me free.

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