Mar 27, 2013

This just about sums it up.

Various people, spurred on by peer pressure from the Human Rights Campaign (a disingenuously named organization), have changed their Facebook profile picture to a pink on red pro-same sex marriage logo, as a way of showing support for the case being heard before the United States Supreme Court this week. Many have customized it as their own expression. The sample above (I will not name the individual) is my favorite, as it succinctly exposes the fallacy of the same-sex-marriage debate.

If you believe in some form of evolution (as I do), then you must realize that it requires swimming in the gene pool (and in the deep end at that). If you don't intend to swim in the gene pool, how do you intend to evolve? And if you believe homosexuality is completely genetic (I don't), how does one 'pass it on' with their same-sex partner?

Marriage has always been about children, family, and even property, but it has not always been about romantic love. The 20th century's popular basing of marriage solely on romantic love is probably (along with readily available and effective birth control, and abortion as birth control) why divorce rates are staggeringly high.

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