May 26, 2012

Take a walk on the wild side.

I grew up in large part along the shore of Lake Texoma on the Red River (literally, a stone throw from Oklahoma). Every day, my mother would walk down to the lake in the cool of the morning. It was about a mile-long trek down a dirt road, with a steep hill down to the lake shore. She'd then walk along the shoreline. It was not a car-friendly road (we had a couple of four-wheel-drive trucks when we were in a hurry), so it was almost always very quiet.

I would often walk with her, observing (and discussing) the flora and fauna as we strolled. That was a long time ago, but they are times I will always cherish.

I live in an exurban community now, where cattle grazed just a few short years ago. It's a planned community. 'Seaside-on-the-Prairie', I call it. There is a small lake nearby (a former gravel pit) with a jogging path around it. I've taken to walking around it in the cool of the mornings. The pictures above are from this morning's walk.

What goes around, comes around.

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