Jan 7, 2012

Why is this an impossible match?


Anonymous said...

Beats me, although it does look like the floor in our breakfast room.

PM Summer said...

Our new (8 hours old) Samsung refrigerator blew out the icemaker's water valve a couple a months ago (in the middle of the night). By the time I discovered it, half of the downstairs was flooded.

The builder of our house went belly-up a couple of years ago, and we can't find wood-flooring that looks like this. Driving me nuts!

So... what you got in your breakfast room?

Anonymous said...

Random-width oak planking. One of the home's previous owners put it in. I like it, but my wife wants to have it pulled up and replaced with tile. We redid the adjoining kitchen last year, and set aside funds for the floor, but are postponing the work until some foundation problems have been sorted out. No idea where the oak came from, though. Can't you find something that approximates the grain and have it stained to match?

PM Summer said...

Tile? Be prepared for lots of breakage. Hell, if I drop a sponge on our kitchen floor, it breaks (the sponge)!

As for matching the wood... apparently that sandblasted finish is "so last year". Now all the flooring I've looked at is either glass smooth, or looks like a Caterpillar D5 has been driven over it a few times.

PM Summer said...

I think a match has been found. Samples looked good. We'll know by tomorrow (at which point it will be too late). Being installed today.

Bruce Northshore Oak Plank.