Jan 12, 2011

Then and soon.

6045 Bryan Parkway, Dallas Texas
A Craftsman-style home converted into a Cad Cod-style home (following a roof fire). This was my grandmother's house off of Swiss Avenue. I lived there, ca. 1950-1953, and again in 1968 (before heading off to college and worse).

1375 Fairway Drive, Kyle Texas
A Craftsman-style home built in 2004. There are similarities in my eyes.

This will be "home" effective end of the business day 12/31/2011. I wonder if the HOA will let me paint the door red?

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Anonymous said...

It must have been longer than I realized since I last checked your blog. Congratulations on the new digs. Can't wait to learn how your vintage audio gear fits into their new surroundings.