Feb 22, 2008

Your own personal Jesus.

Perhaps you’ve heard the old (1989) Depeche Mode song, “Personal Jesus,” or the version of the same song Johnny Cash recorded on his last album.

Reach out and touch faith
Your own personal Jesus
Someone to hear your prayers
Someone who cares

Maybe you think somebody else might have a “personal Jesus”, but not you. Jesus lived a long time ago in a land far away. He left us many great teachings and actions, but he isn’t someone we can actually know today. How could that be possible? You would have to have been born 2000 years ago. How can you do that? The Alpha Course is a way to meet Jesus in a truly personal way.

Reach out and touch faith
Feeling unknown and you're all alone
Flesh and bone by the telephone
Lift up the receiver, I'll make you a believer
I will deliver, you know I'm a forgiver

On the first Easter 2000 years ago, Mary Magdalene went to the tomb where Jesus was laid and found it empty. Perhaps that’s how going to church strikes you today. You’ve been told that is where Jesus can be found, but it still seems empty to you.

But Mary heard a voice behind. She turned and saw Jesus, alive, calling to her. On the Alpha Course, over a ten week period, you too can stand where Mary stood and see Jesus… not dead in a cold tomb, but alive and reaching out to you personally. This year, why not take Easter personally.

Your own personal Jesus
Reach out and touch faith

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