Jan 28, 2007

Four new speakers.

The initial reaction from SWMBO is that these have a fairly low WAF.

"You're crazy."

I got these off eBay for $10 each, but I had to drive to north of Tulsa, Oklahoma in a snow storm to get them. They are Frazier 7 auditorium speakers, made in Dallas by Jack Frazier. Jack was a friend of Paul Klipsch, and a former partner with a Mr. May who went on to become one of JBL's top engineers.

Sitting on the deck in the near-freezing temperature, I played a lot of tunes through these today: Some Gospel, 14th century military marches, Country Joe and the Fish, Leo Kottke, Turtle Island String Quartet, Bruce Cockburn, some Dixieland.

These things sound really good. They are such an odd design, I'm not sure what they are supposed to sound like. They do sound sound a "little" like a Klipsch Heresy, but not quite so forward. Better bass, but nothing to write home about.

My wife said I was trying to lure all the aging hippies in the neighborhood over to the house this afternoon. But she really liked the way they sounded!

I'll do a comparison inside soon, just to get an idea what I'm dealing with. Right now, I know I've got some great party speakers, that's for sure!

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R.K. LaGrone said...

Details please. What ARE those (make/model)? Do they have 4 horns each? What are you gonna do with them?

WAF = wife approval factor?