Nov 20, 2005

Name that band.

Back in the day when I was an exhibiting artist who dabbled in performance art, one of my pet projects was to form a rock band. This band would ONLY play the openings of classic rock'n roll songs, but would play those opening bars for up to twenty minutes each. "Louie, Louie", "Satisfaction", "Gloria", "Like a Rolling Stone", etc., etc. Grinding, repetitive, and mind numbing.

The band was to be called, "Grinning Like An Idiot".

Runner-up names were, "Titty Pink", "Pissed Kitties", and "Deaf Pedestrians" (a name someone recently took for a real band).

Obviously, like so many of my "pet projects", it never came to fruition, hindered no doubt by my lack of ability to play a musical instrument (I intended to contract out the musicians...for free).

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