Oct 4, 2005

Noted in passing.

For the last few years, one of my favorite sources of inspiration in what some call the "Emerging Church" movement has been a group out of the Pacific Northwest who called themselves The Christian Counterculture Project. Cutting edge first-century Christianity was the norm for this group of young Calvinists/Presbyterians. Articles, book reviews, excerpts, and music all pushed the Jesus who transforms lives over the Jesus who carries a rule book. But as they pushed away the binding ropes of denominationalism, and "ism" Christianity as well, they appeared to come under attack from within their support structure. They floundered, fell, and then got back up. But now they seem to have given up this project. The tombstone of the Christian Counterculture Project lies beneath this linked text.

Lilies we may see on the grave, but no tulips.

God's Peace and Blessing upon you Rob, a brother in Christ I never met, but one whom I look forward to meeting when all are reconciled.

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