Apr 12, 2005

But after all, he's just a guy.

I CHOSE to become a Lutheran (that's not an oxymoronic statement, is it?) in part because of my growing disgust with a sarcedotal understanding of the clergy's role in the Church in the more "catholic" denominations. Recent news that there is a move to "fast track" his beatification to Sainthood simply reminds me that we don't really want obedient servants as leaders, but people whom we think are somehow more "god-like" than we are.

In the words of Leo Tolstoy:
But Christ could certainly not have established the Church. That is, the institution we now call by that name, for nothing resembling our present conception of the Church - with its sacraments, its hierarchy, and especially its claim to infallibility - is to be found in Christ's words...

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