Jan 6, 2005

An Epiphany

The Three Magi came to see the Christ, the new king, to worship and adore him. They brought him gold fit for a king, frankincense fit for a god, and myrrh fit for a funeral.

The old king, Herod, wanted to find the Christ as well... to kill him. He sent soldiers to kill the New King so that the old king could continue to rule.

At the beginning of Christ's earthly mission, the gentiles came from the East to see him. At the end, the gentiles came from the west. "Sir. We would see Jesus" said the Greeks to Philip. "The time has come" said Jesus.

In my life, I seek the Christ, I seek Jesus. I want to be like the Magi and bring precious gifts to suit him. But I am also Herod, seeking the New Man... not so much to kill as to enslave him, so that the old man may reign.

So we search for Jesus. We ask after him. But why do we want to find him? To worship and obey, or to enslave and kill?

Come, Lord Jesus, and save me from this body of death.

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