Sep 13, 2004

Dueling Laptops

Notice who won.
Martin Luther Kitty (aka: Marty)


Anonymous said...

Weird... Here I am on my iBook, looking at a picture of your iBook... freaky!

Charlotte Smith (nee Beavers)

PS your cat is extremely cute. I hope he/she gets along with the iBook ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Penitent -

I came over here via Atrios, because you posted a cat tip that I wanted to ask you about. We've got an adult cat (2 1/2 years old now). Is it too old for a companion? If not, would a kitten or an adult be best? Is a second adult cat a really bad idea? (our neighbor is moving and would like us to take care of his cat...)
Thought you might have some words of wisdom.

Thanks, Ty Lookwell