Aug 14, 2004

Choking back outrage

Perhaps I've missed it in the discussions regarding the City of Arlington's bid for the Dallas Cowboys, or perhaps it's merely been overlooked by everyone.

The sole reason Arlington can even consider the package they are proposing to finance another sports stadium is a glaring example of municipal governance at its worse. Arlington has sales tax headroom to finance a proposed stadium for one simple reason: they have opted out of regional transit with its 1/4% sales tax.

The Metroplex is suffering through a very dangerous air quality season, an ozone problem caused primarily by mobile source emissions (that bureaucrat-speak for cars and trucks). As a response to the air quality problems that are literally choking the life out of North Texans, Arlington has repeatedly voted down both joining a regional transit authority, and even offering public transit for its own citizens.

If all goes as planned by Arlington's politicians, they can soon add the Dallas Cowboys to their dubious distinction of being the largest city in the western world to not have public transportation.

It's a fact that should make Arlington a regional pariah, not a tourist destination.

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